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Anonymous said: still lying on the floor i see

the real parties are down there my friend

A picture of me about a year ago and a picture of me from a couple of weeks ago. Well at least I got a new haircut, but then again, not really. 

Anonymous said: This is a game where you have to post one picture of you about a year ago and a recent picture of you. Then ask 5 of your followers to do the same thing.

Okidoki I’ll try my best


Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch, 1984)

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You say I like your name
Well I like it’s not ordinary it’s just plain
So soon we met we held we knew we knew the need
don’t call it love

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Leave it ‘til the guilt consume
Fucking in the nearest room
All our friends were unaware
Most had just passed out downstairs

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