Anonymous: is that you in that b/w picture with those light rays?

That is me, don’t you recognise that ever so gloomy gaze? 

Anonymous: is tumblruser cosmicchrist your girlfriend??

I believe so, yes

cosmicchrist: love you lots xx

false xx

Anonymous: Tell me: where do you imagine yourself in a couple of years??

Either a famous musician or under the ground

Anonymous: what's your girlfriend like?

(please don’t make me sound too pathetic and cheesy)
She’s vastly clever. Of course her looks first caught my eyes, justly. She’s fashionable and original. She’s outspoken and direct. She’s not an easy lover tho, quite unattainable at times like she’s in no need of affection. We’re both pretty strong headed so our personalities clash from time to time but that’s alright, it’d be boring if we wouldn’t have arguments I guess. Ye she fine ass girlfriend